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Africa starts to see emerging brands offering sport betting websites or sport betting apps. Within those that starts to be known in the African market, 1xbet is probably one of the most relevant.

Since the market is becoming more and more competitive, at Afrikbets we’d like to point out what bookmaker to chose, based on our personal experiences and criterias such as the payout or the user experience. On top of that, we also bring to the table the best promocodes or sign-up offers.

Where 1xBet is available in Africa ?

This operator is offering its service in multiples countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia and Uganda.

Our review of 1xBet Africa

Pros to bet on 1xBet

We really liked some aspects of 1xBet, but must of all this is an operator we can rely on, since it’s live in many markets world wide and has great sponsorships around the globe. It shows that the brand is pretty serious and is huge.

But otherwise :

  • 1xbet has a great User experience on their website
  • The operator has mobile app for iOS, Android & Microsoft devices.
  • The brand proposes generous bonuses and rewards.
  • 1Xbet offers a huge variety of betting options.

What we disliked about 1xBet

  • Customer service is quiet long if you encounter an issue.
  • Live streaming is quiet limited.

Some features on betting on 1xBet

Live betting on 1xBet

Live betting is becoming a huge thing in the betting industry, so that bettors can adjust, change and improve their bets.

1xBet provides its user with a strong data analysis for the match ongoing and game info such as team squad.

The operator also provide live betting for more than 1 sport, since they offer it for Tennis, Volleyball, football, icehockey, baseball and cricket.

Other cool features on 1xBet Africa

  • Oddsboost
  • Betting configurator
  • Cash out
  • Welcome Bonus
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